Current Research

ideSHi’s current areas of research focus include:


COMPARE (Collaborative Management Platform for Detection and Analyses of (Re-) emerging and Foodborne Outbreaks in Europe)

  • Studies of pathogens using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).
  • This is a collaborative project between ideSHi and Fondation Mérieux.


G6PD Follow-up Study:

  • Mechanistic basis of G6PD deficiency due to genetic mutation
  • One paper has been published in the journal plos one.
  • At present the study has been been extended to investigate G6PD status in heterozygous female through G6PD gene sequencing.


Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh:

  • Innovative approaches for development of diagnostic methods for detecting inborn errors of metabolism and genetic disorders
  • ideSHi is a partner with GEB DU and incepta pharmaceuticals for this project
  • The principle focus of HEQEP will be on establishment of diagnostic methods for different genetic disorders in the context of Bangladesh.


Inborn Errors of Metabolism:

  • Profiling of cut-off values for amino acids and acylcarnitines for universal screening of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) for Bangladeshi population of different age groups


Down Syndrome Project:

  • Integrated prenatal screening of Down syndrome using non-invasive approach and determination of its association with maternal risk factors.
  • Establishment of prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome using non-invasive method.


Hepatitis E Project:

  • Influence of Hepatitis E viral load and genotypes during pregnancy in urban populations in Bangladesh.


Congenital Hypothyroidism:

  • Analysis of genetic spectrum of congenital hypothyroidism in Bangladeshi population
  • Hypothyroidism in pregnant women and children in hospital care settings in Bangladesh.



  • Analysis of Mutational spectrum of B-Thalassemia patient of Bangladeshi population analysis of


Antibiotic resistance

  • Molecular analysis for investigating the mechanistic basis of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacterial isolates of acute respiratory infections.