ideSHi Journal Club Schedule 30 October-18 December, 2018

October, 2018
30 October, 2018 Golam Sarower Bhuyain Wilgenburg, Scherwitzl, et al. "MAIT cells are activated in Human viral infections"
November, 2018
06 November, 2018 Noorjahan Maliha Latif, Ali, et al. " New Small Molecule Agonists to the Thyrotropin Receptor"
13 November, 2018 Saad Hasan Hasib Hu, Xu, et al. " A high throughput multiplex PCR assay for simultaneous detection of seven aminoglycoside resistance genes in Enterobacteriaceae"
20 November, 2018 Mohammad Al Mahmud-Un-Nabi Postponed
27 November, 2018 Mohammad Al Mahmud-Un-Nabi Versluis, D'Andrea, et al. " Mining microbial metatranscriptomes for expression of antibiotic resistance genes under natural conditions"
December, 2018
04 December, 2018 Dr. Rosy Sultana Yin, Ying, et al. "Origin, antigenicity, and function of a secreted form of ORF2 in hepatitis E virus infection"
11 December, 2018 Dr. Nusrat Sultana Postponed
18 December, 2018 Samia Afroz Sütterlin, Dahlö, et al. "High Frequency of Silver Resistance Genes in Invasive Isolates Belonging to Genera Enterobacter and Klebsiella"