ideSHi Journal Club Schedule 14 March- 09 May, 2017

14 March, Tuesday Saad Hasan Hasib Choudhury, Samrat Roy, et al. "CRISPR-dCas9 mediated TET1 targeting for selective DNA demethylation at BRCA1 promoter"
21 March, Tuesday Shekh Rezwan Hossain Shawon, Jakaria, et al. "Molecular Recognition of Azelaic Acid and Related Moleculeswith DNA Polymerase I Investigated by Molecular Modeling Calculations"
28 March, Tuesday Shaumik Islam Song, Guangqi, et al. "Direct Reprogramming of Hepatic Myofibroblasts into Hepatocytes In Vivo Attenuates Liver Fibrosis"
04 April, Tuesday Dr. Rosy Sultana Devhare PB, Desai S, Lole KS. "Innate immune responses in human hepatocyte-derived cell lines alter genotype 1 hepatitis E virus replication efficiencies"
11 April, Tuesday Sarjana Safein Shejuti Lu, Na, et al. "DNA microarray analysis reveals that antibiotic resistance-gene diversity in human gut microbiota is age related"
18 April, Tuesday Md. Al Mahmudun Nabi Zhang, Keqiang, et al. "Cinnamon Extract Reduces VEGF Expression Via Suppressing HIF-1a Gene Expression and Inhibits Tumor Growth in Mice"
25 April, Tuesday Sameya Tasneem Aurna Boutal, Hervé, et al. "Development and validation of a lateral flow immunoassay for the rapid detection of NDM-producing Enterobacteriaceae."
02 May, Tuesday Sadia Tasnim Tuba Mojsoska, Biljana, et al. "Peptoids successfully inhibit the growth of gram negative E. coli causing substantial membrane damage."
09 May, Tuesday Jakia Rahman Juthi Kurauti, Mirian A., et al. "Interleukin-6 increases the expression and activity of insulin-degrading enzyme."