Saad Hassan Hasib

Saad Hassan HasibshhCapture graduated from the University of Liverpool, UK with an honours in Microbial Biotechnology (double major) where he investigated and analysed potentially novel bioactive compounds from marine-derived microbial isolates. During this period, a studentship awarded by the Society of Applied Microbiology (Sfam) allowed him to successfully generate a fosmid library composite of cellulase gene clones from environmental metaisolates in pursuit of the development of second generation biofuels. Realising an astute keenness for molecular biology at this point, he sought to explore the paradigm of medical biotechnology in Bangladesh; starting as a research trainee and going on to continue his master’s thesis at the Institute for Developing Science and Health Initiatives (ideSHi) institute in Bangladesh, he continues his research on molecular antimicrobial resistance and transmission mechanisms of clinical pathogens endemic to the Bangladeshi population upon successive appointment as a Scientific Research Officer. He has since been nominated for the NIH Fogarty Grant and has graduated with an MS in Biotechnology from BRAC University in Bangladesh. His current research interests include the genetics of hereditary disorders, fermentation processes, genetic engineering, infectious disease research, microbiology and in silico analysis. Apart from his academic life, he keeps engaged in an eclectic range of activities that include art, photography, playing the guitar, graphics design, animal welfare volunteerism and fitness.