Dr. Kaiissar Mannoor

Senior Scientist and Head


Dr. Kaiissar Mannoor is a cellulDr. Kaiissar Mannoorar and molecular biologist with a long-standing interest in protective immune responses to infectious diseases with special emphasis on malaria and diarrheal pathogens. He has made an outstanding contribution to deciphering the role of autoreactive B cells and their associated antibody and cytokine products in the regulation of immune responses during infections and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Mannoor has also made significant contributions in transcriptome biology, especially as a pioneer in defining the role of non-coding RNA (small nucleolar RNA 42) in the development of non-small cell lung cancer stem cells. Dr. Mannoor has served as Assistant Professor on the faculty of the University of Rykyus School of Medicine, Japan, and as an adjunct faculty member (Assistant Research Scientist) at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University, USA. Dr Mannoor also worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the University of Maryland School of Medicine at Baltimore, and conducted research on autoimmunity and lung cancer biology. He has recently repatriated from the USA and currently working as Head of ideSHi. He supervises day-to-day operations and all laboratory activities that deal with projects on infectious diseases, such as typhoid fever, acute respiratory infections, and food-borne illness surveillance, as well as genetic disorders.