ideSHi talks with ATGC Diagnostics India

A three member delegation from ATGC Diagnostics, India consisting of Professor Siddhartha Roy, Professor Susanta Roy Chowdhury, and Dr. Syed Nazrul Kabir visited ideSHi between 28-30 June, 2019 to discuss collaboration between ideSHi and ATGC Diagnostics for diagnosis of cancer and genetic disorders in Bangladesh. Among others were present Professor Mofizur Rahman and Professor Sufi Hannan from National  Cancer Research Institute and Hospital, Dr. Asif Mustafa from Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited; and Dr. Mustafa Aziz  Sumon, Assistant Professor, Kurmitola General Hospital, consultant, United Hospital  During the meeting Dr. Md Kaiissar Mannoor gave a talk on what ideSHi wants to do for support of personalized therapeutics in cancer. Dr. Asif Mustafa presented the current treatment options available in Bangladesh from a pharmaceutical perspective, while Dr. Sumon focused on diagnosis of cancer in Bangladesh and its needs.