World Thalassemia Day 2018: ideSHi determines the prevalence of Thalassemia in Bangladesh

talassemia awareness

For decades fighting communicable diseases have been the principal focus in Bangladesh. So much so that little attention was put in studying and preventing non-communicable diseases. These non-communicable diseases include inherited genetic disorders that affect a significant portion of the population. Among the noncommunicable diseases, thalassemia is the most common congenital single gene disorder in […]

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TWAS Grant for Studying Colisitin Resistance


Recently,The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) awarded ideSHi a research grant for studying colistin resistance in Bangladesh. The emergence and rapid global outreach of bacterial mobile elements-mediated colistin resistance gene (mcr-1 & mcr-2) in Enterobacterial species isolated from human and various meat samples, has raised serious concern. The indiscriminate use of colistin in poultry, dairy, livestock and […]

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